Posing Guide: A Model's View

boudoir photography posing guide - Emma

I wanted to produce a posing guide from the point of view of a model, but needed someone who was relatively new to modelling and so still concious of how they work.

Luckily I recently worked with Emma who had only been modelling for a few months, and so I took the opportunity to ask for her thoughts, while it was all still fresh in her mind. So here is her Posing Guide for models!

  1. Where's your main light - which way to face
  2. What's your facial expression?
  3. What are your arms/legs doing? 
  4. Go on tiptoes
  5. Arch your back
  6. Point your toes

Number 1 is really your starting point. You can create the most beautiful, sensual pose in the world but if you are not working towards the main light, nobody is going to see it! I have had to throw away some potentially great images in the past because the models face was partially in shadow (the human eye sees a greater range than the camera captures, so you sometimes don't notice when things aren't right).

Next you need to consider points 2 and 3. Try different combinations of expression and which direction you are facing and where your eyes are looking. Please note the distinction between where you are facing and where you are looking. Facing left and looking straight into the camera gives very different results from facing straight on and looking left!

If you are creating an artistic nude type shot then the tips 3-6 will help you to create the most elegant shapes and show your body off to its best.


Should remember to give the appropriate direction on what lighting effect you are aiming for, and make sure the model knows which light to 'work'.

Give reminders on the posing elements, and bear in mind one last comment from Emma:

  • Compliments go a long way!

Emma can be contacted via her net-model portfolio here.